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Troy is very fortunate to have experienced developers, commercial builders, and engineering professionals who have made very significant investments in our community.

Bruns General Contracting, Inc. is a third-generation design/build contractor headquartered in Tipp City, Ohio. Bruns Development Service, in conjunction with Bruns General Contracting and Bruns Realty Group, provides commercial and residential development services. Bruns can manage the entire project, whether it's a single site for your commercial or industrial facility or a complex mixed-use development.

Miller-Valentine Group is a nationally recognized commercial and residential real estate company. Since 1963, Miller-Valentine Group understands what it takes to be successful in business. We've built more than 50 million square feet of commercial space and own and manage a growing commercial portfolio of over 11 million square feet in a variety of sectors.

SINGER Properties has a fifty year tradition of developing retail, industrial and residential real estate throughout Ohio. Some of the primary achievements include development of land for Panasonic's 1,000,000 square foot electronics plant in Troy, Ohio, as well as the initial development for the Honda Motors facility in Troy, Ohio. Additionally, the Company has been involved in the ownership, leasing and management of shopping centers.

Ferguson Construction is a general contractor working in Ohio and Indiana. Ferguson Construction is based in Ohio and has offices in Sidney, Dayton and Columbus. The company employs experts in commercial and industrial construction. Their portfolio includes manufacturing and industrial buildings, medical office buildings and healthcare facilities, and retail and commercial offices.


There are a number of permits required to build or lease an industrial or distribution facility. The permits required by the State of Ohio include air and wastewater discharge permits for facilities that generate waste in these areas. Large projects may also require a storm water permit. For more information on the EPA permit process, go to

When do I Need a Permit?
City of Troy permits are required for a number of activities not just limited to new construction. For example, permits are required for the following activities:

  • Change of Use - How the property is currently used to something else.
  • Demolition
  • Accessory Uses - Sheds, decks, fences, garages, pools, etc.
  • Historical District - Changes or improvements to property.
  • Home Occupation
  • New Business - Occupancy permit.
  • New or change to existing signs, parking lots, lighting, buffer, and landscaping. - Commercial properties.
  • New Construction - Residential and Commercial properties.

All permit applications may be obtained at the City of Troy Planning Department located at 100 S. Market Street, Troy, Ohio 45373 or visit the City of Troy's Planning and Zoning department Forms and Applications page.

Zoning Permit Required Before Building Permit
The City of Troy contracts with the Miami County Building Department for all building permits. For additional information on building permits, please Click Here.

Please note that a zoning permit is required and must be approved before a building permit is issued. Generally, a zoning permit will require an attached site plan (see Site Plan Requirements), which details the location and dimensions of the property and the proposed project. Depending upon the size and scope of the project, applications will be reviewed by Engineering, Fire and Planning Departments for compliance with city ordinances. Staff will respond within 10 days from the time a completed application is submitted.

Change of Use
A change of use typically requires a zoning amendment, meaning the underlying zoning district does not permit the proposed use. A complete list of permitted uses by district, including a zoning map may be viewed at A zoning amendment application may be processed within 60-120 days, as the approval process involves review by staff, Planning Commission and City Council.

All questions regarding permitting, zoning and planning within the city corporation limit can by answered by contacting the City of Troy Planning Department at (937) 339-9481.