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For more information on the industries and businesses serving the Troy area, visit the Key Industries section by Clicking Here.

Support for Existing Businesses

Working with local businesses to retain jobs, support expansion efforts and build long-term business success within the area is the primary focus of our economic development strategy.

To accomplish this goal the Troy Development Council has partnered with nearly thirty other cities throughout the Miami Valley to create BUSINESS FIRST FOR A GREATER DAYTON REGION. The Business First initiative is a highly effective outreach program that utilizes advanced business retention technologies to identify challenges facing local business managers.

Working through a volunteer group of peer business leaders, the BUSINESS FIRST program not only builds long-term informational relationships with local businesses, but more importantly, creates a rapid response team of area support organizations to address existing business issues or to assist in avoiding future operational challenges.

Local businesses that have not previously participated in the BUSINESS FIRST program are encouraged to contact the Troy Development Council.

Recruitment Efforts

The Troy Development Council provides site location assistance to domestic and international industrial businesses planning new or expanded operations in the Troy area. With the initial contact in the site selection process, the TDC will provide a customized package of business and real estate information for the client company. For site visits by the client and their representatives, the TDC will arrange a thorough itinerary that is specifically designed to maximize the client's time investment. In addition, the TDC will arrange meetings with service providers such as legal and financial institutions. Finally, meetings with local business executives can be arranged to gain insight into doing business in the Troy area.