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An Excellent Transportation Infrastructure

An important aspect of any economically vibrant region is its location, and the Troy area is one of the best. People and goods move easily and efficiently in and out of the region. Within its status as one of the nation's top 90-minute air and land markets and its location at the 'Crossroads of America' (the intersection of Interstates 70 and 75), the region offers an excellent transportation infrastructure.

The time it takes to move goods and people, not mileage, is the true measure of market size. Ninety minutes represents a time frame in which a business can offer cost-efficient service. The Troy area is the place to be for reaching a substantial portion of the nation's population and buying power.

Highway Systems

Troy is strategically located off of interstate I-75 that runs North to South from Michigan to Florida, and minutes North of interstate I-70 that runs East to West across the United States.

State Routes running North to South through Troy include: SR 202 and CR 25A.

State Routes running East to West through Troy include: SR 41, SR 55, and SR 718.

By Truck

Numerous trucking firms with a total of 25 terminals serve the region.

Overnight service to cities like Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Nashville, Knoxville, and St. Louis.

Second morning service to cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, New Orleans, Little Rock, Omaha, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Milwaukee.

By Rail

The City of Troy has sixteen trains moving through the city per day and is on a major line of CSX. CSX operates intermodal terminals in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Marion and operates over and maintains more than 4,000 miles of track in Ohio.

CSX handled nearly 2,500,000 carloads of freight in Ohio during 2010. Products shipped include intermodal containers, coal, automobiles, grain and semi-finished steel.

In 2010, CSX invested more than $143 million in the network in Ohio. In addition, the company invested more than $490 million on freight cars and other rolling assets to serve customers throughout the network.

By Water

There is close and easy access via truck and rail to shipping through the Great Lakes ports and oh the Ohio River.

By Air

Troy is location a very short 10 minute drive to the Dayton International Airport which is within 90 minutes by air to 55 percent of the country's population making it ideal for cargo distribution. Cincinnati and Columbus are each within an hour drive of Troy.

Cargo and Freight Forwarders


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By Land

The region is the nation's tenth largest "90-minute" land market. More than 5.6 million people live within a 90-minute radius of Troy, an area that includes five Metropolitan Statistical Areas, including over 300 towns, villages and cities. Within 90-minutes, a firm can offer cost-efficient service since a vehicle can make a round trip to the farthest points in the market twice a day, including time for pickup and delivery or business meetings. This region is the largest "second morning" land service market, reaching 137.7 million people and 52.8 million households within a 600-mile radius. "Second-morning service" is defined as the market area that can be reached by truck within a day and a half. As the leading "second-morning" market, our area offers an excellent location for anyone who delivers goods.

Driving Time and Distance to Select Major Metro Areas Estimated

City Miles KM Drive Time
Chicago 312 502 5 hours
Cincinnati 55 89 1 hour
Cleveland 202 325 3.5 hours
Columbus 72 116 1 hour
Detroit 215 346 2.5 hours
Indianapolis 117 188 1.8 hours
Lexington 132 213 2 hours
Louisville 150 242 2.5 hours
Nashville 325 523 5 hours
Pittsburg 268 432 4 hours